No-Fault Collection

Our firm acts on behalf of medical providers by collecting their denied and outstanding no-fault claims as well as offering consultations on all issues under the current no-fault laws and regulations. Our extensive knowledge and experience with no-fault litigation provides our clients with cost-effective solutions in collecting their unpaid claims. Acknowledging the individual needs of our clients, our expert attorneys and support staff endeavor to achieve satisfactory outcomes on our clients’ behalf.

In the dynamic environment of no-fault, reimbursement is no longer as clear as night and day. We provide clients with advice on the most effective and efficient processes and procedures to ensure higher collection rates. We also advise our clients on the best collection methods, i.e., litigation or arbitration.

Medical facilities are heavily scrutinized by insurance carriers. As a result of our years of practice, our experienced staff is trained and aware of issues that may harm your collections. Our office can review and evaluate your practices and billing procedures to help identify any procedural errors or weaknesses that may be occurring.

It is Important that your practice is supported by a legal team with experience and knowledge.

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